Information letters


Bank of Russia Information Letter No. IN-06-51/15, dated 29 March 2016, ‘On Quality Assessment of Pricing Centre Operations’ 29 March


Information Letter No. 06-51/8518, dated 30 September 2015 «On the Assessment of the Benchmark’s Quality and the Quality of Organization’s Performance Responsible for Benchmark’s30 September


Information Letter No. 06-31/10245, dated 22 December 2014, “On Applying Point 21 of Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 3388-U, dated 22 September 2014, “On Additional Requirements for the Procedure for Providing Documents Stipulated by Clause 1 of Article 89 of the Federal Law “On Joint-Stock Companies” and for the Procedure for Providing Copies Thereof”22 December

Information Letter No. 06-52/9527, dated 1 December 2014, “On Application of Russian Legislation due to Entry into Force of Amended Version of Civil Code of Russian Federation”2 December

Information Letter No. 52-4/10489, dated 11 November 2014, “On New State Fees Charged by the Bank of Russia for Legal Acts”11 November

Information Letter No. 06-57/8401, dated 24 October 2014, “On Submission of Notifications in the Form of an Electronic Document with E signature”30 October

Information Letter No. 06-57/8035, dated 13 October 2014, “On Compliance with the Requirements of Russian Laws on the Preparation and Submission of Reports by Professional Securities Market Participants”17 October

Information Letter No. 06-52/7617, dated 25 September 2014, “On Specific Issues Relating to the Reorganisation of Non-Governmental Pension Funds“26 September

Information Letter No. 015-57/7564, dated 22 September 2014, “On Submission of Reports by Management Companies and Special Depositories Involved in the Accumulation and Investment of Pension Savings“24 September

Information Letter No. 06-54/6884, dated 26 August 2014, “On the Placement of Pension Savings in Accounts with Credit Institutions“27 August

Information Letter No. 06-54/6883, dated 26 August 2014, “On the Combination of the Management (Trust Management) of the Assets of a Joint-Stock Investment Fund and the Trust Management of a Unit Investment Fund with a Developer's Operations“27 August

Information Letter No. 06-52/6680, dated 18 August 2014, “On Certain Issues Related to the Application of Specific Provisions of Federal Law No. 99-FZ of 5 May 2014, “On Amending Chapter 4 of Part 1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and on Recognising Some Provisions of Russian Legislative Acts to be Void”26 August

Information Letter No. 015-54/6729, dated 20 August 2014, “On the Procedure for Accepting Primary Documents for Accounting by Specialised Depositaries“20 August

Information Letter No. 06-57-2/6659, dated 15 August 2014, “Concerning the Provision of Reports and Notices“19 August

Information Letter No. 015-54/6666, dated 18 August 2014, “On the Allocation of Bank of Russia Responsibilities Consistent with Control and Supervision of the Operators of Collective Investment Schemes“18 August

Information Letter No. 06-52/6484, dated 12 August 2014, "Concerning the Application of Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 3285-U of 19 June 2014, “On the Procedure and Terms of Changing Forms of Insurance (Reinsurance) Licence for the Purpose of Conforming Them with the Requirements of the Legislation of the Russian Federation”13 August

Information Latter No. 015-55/6227, dated 31 July 2014, "The Obligation of Joint-Stock Companies that Maintain Their Own Registers of Shareholders to Transfer the Maintenance of Their Registers of Shareholders to a Registrar; the Maintenance by an Independent Registrar of a Register of Shareholders Compiled by Public Joint-Stock Companies"31 July

Information Letter No. 06-51/6146, dated 29 July 2014, "On the Individual Provisions of Federal Law No. 218-FZ “On Amending Individual Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” d/d 21 july 2014"29 July

Information Letter No. 06-54/5768, dated 17 July 2014, "On the Additional Requirements for Credit Institutions Holding Pension and Housing Savings for Military Personnel"17 July

Information Letter No. 06-57/5776, dated 17 July 2014, "On The Submission to the Bank of Russia of Accounting (Financial) and Special Statements by Non-governmental Pension Funds Reorganised Into Joint-Stock Companies"17 July

Information Letter No. 06-54/5737, dated 16 July 2014, "On the Submission of an Application to the Bank of Russia for the Issuance by the Bank of Russia of a Statement of Compliance by a Non-governmental Pension Fund to the Requirements of Participation in Rights Assurance System of the Insured Persons"16 July

Information Letter No. 06-54-1/5384, dated 7 July 2014, "On the Additional Requirements for Credit Institutions Holding Pension and Housing Savings for Military Personnel"7 July

Information Letter No. VN-06-59/3363, dated 23 June 2014, "On the Procedure for Reimbursement by Insurance Companies of Damages to Individuals Who Have Suffered from Natural Disasters"23 June

Information Letter No. 015-55-4/4158, dated 29 May 2014, "On the Explanation of Issues Concerning the Provision of Information by Holders of a Security Holders Register and by Nominal Holders (Depositaries) of Securities29 May

Information Letter No. 06-52/2463, dated 10 April 2014, "On Corporate Governance Code"10 April

Information Letter "On the Transfer of Pension Savings When Executing an Insured Person's Application for Switching to Another Non-Governmental Pension Fund"9 April

Information Letter "On the Share (Quota) of Foreign Funds in the Authorised Capital of Insurance Companies as of 1 January 2014"5 March

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